A Basic Guide to Gambling Ethics

Most people don’t put ethics and gambling together do they? There’s a lot to be said for those that display ethics and positive traits in gambling though. In this post, we’ll take a brief look at what ethical choices you can make to enhance yours and other gamblers experiences.

Don’t gloat

Most people that gamble won’t win. That’s just a simple fact and the whole reason why online gambling industry is booming. There’s nothing worse when you lose to see another person with good luck gloating or showboating in your face. It’s very unethical and likely to annoy other gamblers. If this sounds like you, don’t do it! Nobody likes a bad winner so win with humility and your peers will look more favourably on you. This is just as relevant in live chat if you’re gambling bomtan win as if you’re gambling in a real casino. Don’t gloat!

Don’t forget to tip

I am not saying you need to be the most generous tipper in Las Vegas, but there’s several advantages to tipping casino staff. For a start, they will be friendly and more accommodating if they associate you as a tipper. On the flipside, if you don’t tip, they will remember you and won’t look to do you any favours. It’s in your interest to be liked by casino staff so ensure you are tipping them to stay in their good books.

3) Wait your turn

Casinos have an exciting atmosphere. The adrenaline is pumping through your veins and you want to get in on the action. There are some games though where you need to wait your turn and be patient. This is proper etiquette and respect for your fellow gamblers. In poker, you sometimes see new players bet out of turn which can affect the rest of the table for that hand. This is considered poor form as you’ve disclosed information and perhaps cost someone else money.

Don’t get angry or swear at the dealer

We’ve all seen it. The player loses a hand at blackjack or poker and proceeds to curse the dealer. Why? Because he’s angry he’s lost and needs to vent. If this is something you may do, think twice. Think about how the dealer feels and if it’s fair for you to curse at him. Common sense shows this is not good gambling ethics and should be refrained from. Treat the dealer with respect and fairness. They don’t earn anywhere enough to have you shout abuse at them.